Leaving for Coachella

in just a short few hours!!!!

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Rest in Paradise

my sweet baby girl had to be put down today but I am glad she’s no longer in pain. She is the best dog I could have asked for growing up. She was always there for me when I felt like I had no one else. I will always remember they way you used to go crazy when it rained & how you use to love to chase bugs and birds. You were a great little hunter(: I love you chrissy. Thank you for the best 15 years you gave me and our family. You will forever be the best Christmas present I have ever got. Rest in Paradise little monkey<3 

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Anonymous: what kinda music do you like? 

I know this sounds generic but all different styles of music. If you put my ipod on shuffle it could play anything from edm to disney classics or country. However, I primarily listen to indie/alternative, edm, and pop-punk.

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All I can think about rn

Is coachella this weekend!!!

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