I’m Having Coachella Withdrawals

I MISS COACHELLA!! Seriously had my tickets for a year and it just went by too fast :(((( I wanna go back and start all over. I remember saying to Anthony and Patsy on Friday “holy shit its only day one and shit is already too crazy” & then Sunday came and went. Post-Coachella Depression is real yall. It hasn’t even been a week and we are already planning next years trip. I would suggest EVERYONE to car camp. It seriously was so much fun camping out there and hella convenient. It was nice to not have to worry about driving anywhere and only being a walk (or a bike ride if you paid the bike people) away from your bed. Security isn’t that hard to get through either. I’m not going to lie they did go through a lot of bags but we just hid all of our stuff inside food lol. So it wasn’t found. We had hella chill neighbors and got a long with everyone. The only down side about camping is we didn’t have the luxury of charging our phones through the night. They do have charging ports (which i posted a pic of) but its just packed. So we just charged our phones in the car. And ladies DO NOT WORRY they have the “coachella beauty bar” which was a place you could go to get ready and they had outlets for your curls and everything, so that was nice.  I didn’t get to camp with my other group of friends because we got there at different times but it was just a walk away to their camp. We chilled @ camp a lot in the mornings because it was so hot and there wasn’t really anyone early day we wanted to see. I think our earliest set was Anthony Green (on Friday) and he was @ like 1:45 ish? So bring stuff to entertain you at camp. We had pot so I mean we were set lol. Friday may have been my favorite day. Probably because I was just so hyped up. Although I legit thought I was gonna die. At one point i was so incoherent I literally thought I was in a movie lmao. That shit was scary haha but then I came back to earth by the time we walked over to watch OutKast, WHICH WAS INSANE! I still can’t get over it. BUT OMG @ PHARRELL’S SET!!!! BY FAR THE BEST SET I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! So Many people came out during his set and GAH! It was incredible. I just had such a good time with the best people. I can say my first Coachella was a success for sureeee. I cannot wait until next year<3 & with that being said EDC has A LOT to live up to.

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I hate having crushes

on the most inconvenient people -.-

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